I am the lead instructor and studio manager at Yay Clay! in Philadelphia. I have been throwing clay for five-and-a-half years, teaching for the past two. I am self-taught and learning every aspect of the craft, from formulating glazes to repairing and firing kilns. I am a former visiting artist at Backroom Potters in Runnemede, NJ. I have had work for sale at a number of shows in Philadelphia and New Jersey and currently have work on display in the gift shop of the Noyes Museum in Hammonton, NJ and Oceanville, NJ.  

Most of my current work is wheel thrown, then manipulated and shaped with the wheel running very slowly or stopped. I try to do as much work on the piece as possible before I cut it off the wheel. The process of centering and pulling clay is simultaneously challenging and meditative. It requires discipline and focus, yet there is still ample room to listen to the clay and let it guide you to its final form.