I am a painter who paints brightly colored, joyful, and ethereal acrylic works on canvas. The backgrounds are meticulously built up, over the course of days, with many, many layers of transparent drips, each layer drying between the next, creating depth and lending a beautiful effect to the image that often resembles hand-painted fabrics or batik. Once the backgrounds have been built up to a satisfactory depth, I begin to add a landscape of trees.

My stylized trees are universal symbols that conjure metaphors of life, family, community, and love. I use two techniques to create them: one that builds up the branches and leaves in many layers and another, more complicated technique, that uses negative space, creating a "window" to what is essentially a painting within a painting. The final layer is a vast array of dot-work done with a dip-nib pen and acrylic ink, which quite literally lights them up. In a commitment to design aesthetic, I extend the motifs of each work onto all four sides of the gallery-wrapped canvases.

I also create beautiful reproductions of my paintings in limited editions and am the writer and illustrator of six picture books for children.

I live with my family in New Hope, Pennsylvania in a quaint, old house, surrounded by trees and lots and lots of frogs.

Website: www.darsworld.com