Influences and Inspirations - Jackson Pollock. Franz Kline. Gerhard Richter. Winslow Homer. Picasso. Bill Watterson. Berkeley Breathed. Vaughn Bode. And all the velvet Elvises that ever were.

Education - I am a self-taught (or uneducated, take your pick) abstract artist, working in acrylic on paper, panel, and canvas. I occasionally use paintbrushes but most of the time my equipment of choice is a plastic putty knife or a strip of plexiglass (in the manner of Gerhard Richter). Or a strong right arm (splat).

Process - Jackson Pollock, or one of his chroniclers, allegedly coined the term “action painting,” which I have roughly translated to mean, “I’m making this up as I go.” I generally use cheap plastic putty knives and house paint, which makes the material cost of a screw up more acceptable. In the end, I throw paint on a surface and push it around until I get something I like.