Raised in Delaware, John McAllister has lived in New Jersey for the past 18 years.

“I’ve always loved being creative but like a kid in a candy store, I want it all,” he says. “As a result I had a lot of skills but no direction.”

That all changed when he took a jewelry class at the local community college. Entering his first juried art show, John won first place in the jewelry category. Encouraged by the approval, he continued to learn new techniques and how to work with other materials. John is very interested in the happy accidents of nature. He loves what happens to the surfaces when different elements are combined. He likes to let the surfaces speak for themselves without getting too much in their way. 

The name Mud Flower Jewelry Studio represents the natural beauty of the lotus blossom, a flower that only blooms in the mud. “The mud is symbolic of my life experiences that were necessary in order for me to get where I am,” he says. 

His work has been awarded first place in the jewelry category at the Long Branch Arts Council’s Art in the Garden two years in a row. In addition, his work has been featured multiple times in Brookdale Community College’s award winning Collage publication.