Whenever I was bored as a kid, my mom would simply hand me a sheet of paper and a pencil and I was as happy as a clam. Although I don't really know if clams are emotional creatures...but as usual I digress. I've always been an artist, and after art school where I studied children's book illustration and graphic design, I wanted people to enjoy my art in an exposed way, not just hanging on a wall hidden away in a house.   

My leather jewelry started with a pair of beautiful leather pants that no longer fit. As usual, I held on to them hoping they would fit again (Ha!). One day I decided to make them useful -- Voila! Up Cycled leather jewelry! With one snip of the scissors I was hooked. I love the feel of the leather in my hands and its endless possibilities. Each piece is meticulously cut by hand with an Exacto knife and cuticle scissors. I paint one side with a metallic paint because I want contrast to wear the piece with dark or light outfits. 

Florance and Leah were my grandmothers who both passed recently. They were as different as two women can be, the social butterfly immigrant and the artistic and quiet farm girl, but their joie de vivre and generous spirits continue to inspire me. Which is why 10% of every sale goes to local charity.  

After spending many years living in Philadelphia, I have returned to being a Jersey Girl, now residing in Sewell with my wonderful husband, two bad dogs, and a mediocre cat.