Selena Braunstein of Creatively Obsessed Designs is a self-taught jewelry designer who takes inspiration from using vintage and antique components and repurposes them in a new and reimagined way. She is currently working with antique and vintage buttons. These tiny pieces of "art" lend themselves perfectly to be made into jewelry.   

Selena spends a great deal of time carefully sourcing buttons from all over the world. Modern and vintage glass buttons from the Czech Republic turn into dazzling glass art jewelry. Victorian buttons (circa 1880-1900), also referred to as picture buttons, are simply amazing in detail and each tell a story. The Art Nouveau time period (circa 1890-1910) with its curved lines form the most beautiful pieces and are a favorite to work with. Art Deco buttons (1920-1930s) are always a popular choice for clients as it's a time period that is known for its beautiful geometric shapes and strong colors. 

As she works on each piece, her thoughts turn to the life that button has led. What clothing did it adorn? Who wore it? What part of the world did it come from? What history did it unknowingly observe? These little valuable treasures are rare and special and Selena says she is privileged to be able to take them to the next level and turn them into a piece of "wearable history".  

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